DESOPECH Inc. is a family owned company founded in 2011. The Company is specialized in the import and distribution of products of mass consumption. These products originate mainly from Latin America and are distributed within the United States. The company’s success stems from a 30 year tradition of family owned businesses in the Chicago area.


DESOPECH Inc. has been able to maintain its strong positioning in the U.S. marketplace by creating strategic alliances with other entities to expand its own importing and distribution capabilities. This has enabled DESOPECH to increase its presence and performance in areas such as New York,Chicago, Los Angeles, Houston and Miami. Given the strong competition and high quality the demands of North American consumers , DESOPECH has had to create an infrastructure based on providing quality and service in three (3) main areas:

  • Enhancing customer service and administrative procedures.
  • Improving logistics by strictly adhering to JIT distribution standards.
  • Complying with ISO standards.

The success of the company is due to the quality of its staff members. DESOPECH has highly qualified professionals in the areas of International Trade, Marketing, Finance and Logistics. Their combined experience and teamwork have attributed to its rapid growth.


Chemical Agents

  • DesoSoft®SAS 100
  • DesoSoft®VEN 100
  • DesoSoft® LAS 100
  • Deso-Soft VEN 100 Deso-Soft
    (Dodecilbenzen Sulfonic Acid)
  • Deso-Soft SAS 100 Deso-Soft
    (Dodecilbenzen Sulfonic Acid)
  • Deso-Soft LAS 100 Deso-Soft
    (Dodecilbenzen Sulfonic Acid)
  • Crude Glycerine 80% min
  • Biodiesel
Consumer Products

  • Stevia (No Calories Natural Sweetener)
  • Toilet Soap Bar
  • Laundry Liquid Soap
  • Fabric Softener
  • Dishwash Liquid


You Can Get

Your Dreams


DESOPECH Inc. main source of economic development are the small to mid-sized Latin American firms with the potential and financial capabilities to export their products and who base their future growth on the development of foreign markets. 


DESOPECH Inc. is a marketing oriented organization. The company directs and focuses the marketing and sales activities of its products through direct relationships with wholesale distributors. These pre-established relationships have been cultivated from years of family tradition in this line of business. As a result, DESOPECH can ensure an immediate and complete coverage of the North American marketplace.


DESOPECH Inc. is continually identifying new opportunities to represent foreign companies specializing in manufacturers of household and industrial soaps, leather goods, foods, cosmetics and other non-traditional products in DESOPECH portfolio.


Satisfy, ensure and sustain DESOPECH financial growth, as well as those of our suppliers and wholesale distributor clients in the areas of manufacturing, importing, representation and distribution of products for mass markets.


To be a leader in the commercial development of new products of mass consumption in the regions covered by NAFTA ( United States, Canada, Mexico ) and other regions with similar trade agreements in the western hemisphere primarily North, Central and South America. By similar means become a major source of employment for the Latin American community in and around North America.

The company will accomplish this by successfully identifying quality products manufactured in small to mid-sized firms in Latin America, Asia and the pacific rin that have strong a potential in penetrating our target markets.

DESOPECH Inc, and its subdivisions, will penetrate the NAFTA region market by focusing its operations in the following areas:

   1. Acquiring exclusive distribution rights of foreign products. 
   2. Import and non contractual distribution of innovative products.
Manufacture, import and distribute DESOPECH and/or franchised product lines.

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Phone: 630-439-7799